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Our Bodies, Our Lives: Health Education for Living with HIV/AIDS

On Saturday, October 9, 2010, Pacific College San Diego held a local conference on HIV and AIDS health education and awareness at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. This conference was made possible by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Award for 2009-2011 to reach out to the San Diego community with a series of local informative conferences to assist the public in finding health resources that are close at hand. Hosted by Naomi Broering and Gregory Chauncey of Pacific College, the conference included presentations by David Nash (National Library of Medicine), Terry Cunningham (Chief of STD/HIV Branch for Public Health Services, San Diego County), and Thomas Kouo, L.Ac. (PCOM Alum). Offering a new approach to those who need HIV information, this conference was to increase the awareness of free, reliable, online resources, including the NLM, National Institute of Health (NIH), MedlinePlus, PubMed, and the NIH AIDS Info System.

Click below to view these presentations on YouTube:
David Nash, National Library of Medicine
Terry Cunningham, Chief of STD/HIV Branch for Public Health Services, San Diego County
Thomas Kouo, L.Ac., PCOM Alum
NIH AIDS Info System by Naomi Broering
MedlinePlus by Gregory Chauncey


NCLIS California winner in national top 10

The United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) named the California winner of the 2006 NCLIS Health Information Awards for Libraries: the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOML) in San Diego . This outstanding California library was also one of 10 national finalists.

Senior health information needs in San Diego

PCOM Dean of Libraries Naomi C. Broering holds NCLIS award with NCLIS Chairperson C. Beth Fitzsimmons May 3, 2006.

PCOML won the award in California because it developed the first San Diego library outreach program to address the health information needs of the over 50,000 seniors who have recently moved into the San Diego area. Many of these new San Diegans are of Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Eastern European backgrounds. They are also low-income and cannot otherwise access the quality health information seniors desperately need for preventing disease, and coping with health problems. The PCOML program helps eliminate these barriers for at risk San Diego seniors.

PCOML's award-winning project is a model consumer-health outreach program in partnership with five local San Diego clinics, senior centers, and libraries that enables seniors to electronically access reliable, accurate and authoritative health information. Some specific topics the program covers are: home health care options, patient education information, and healthy lifestyles.

Naomi Cordero Broering, PCOML dean of libraries says: "I am thrilled that PCOM's consumer health information outreach program, begun only two years ago, received national recognition. The NCLIS award of $1,000 will be used to support our service for a short while longer until we can find additional funding. Hopefully, we can parlay this national recognition to establish a Center for Health Information Service at the library."


The NCLIS awards honor library programs that address one or more of the following: dietary choices; exercise; smoking cessation; alcohol and/or drug abuse prevention or cessation; immunizations and health screenings; and improved health literacy, that is, the ability to understand and make use of health information.

In each state, a panel of judges selects the winners based on how well that state's program encourages lifestyle improvement among the target population, the program's adaptability, collaboration with other community organizations, and how successfully the program is able to reach out to people with low-information literacy skills.

For more information about PCOML contact Naomi C. Broering, dean of libraries, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at 619-574-6909 or email .

Source: http://www.library.ca.gov/newsletter/2006/2006spring/nclis.html


There are Exciting New Services this year:

  1. Tutorial Workshops and Instruction on Library use are being offered at the San Diego Library which include the following:

    Basic Library Instruction - A Tutorial which covers use of the new On-line Catalog and Navigating the Library Web site. Students learn how to find and locate library books, journals, videos, audiotapes and special research papers through computers and via the Internet from home. An instructional brochure is also available.

    Database Instruction - Two Tutorials: These ½ hour sessions include MedlinePlus and PUB MED workshops. Students learn how to search for information from the National Library of Medicine's authoritative databases. Instructional brochures are also available.

    How to Register? - Sign-up at the library front desk. Instruction is scheduled two times per week for small groups, usually during the noon hour.

    For Self-Study Orientation - Copies of "How to Use the PCOM Library" are available at the Library's front desk.

  2. Interlibrary Loans/Document Delivery Services - The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library is a member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and is part of the DOCLINE interlibrary loan system through the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the NIH. This new service agreement enables the PCOM library to provide our users with journal articles from citations in Pub Med and other sources that are not in the PCOM library collection.The Library accepts ILL requests of materials not available here for students, faculty and staff affiliated with PCOM. The NN/LM lending library fees range between $11 to $15 per journal article or book. Click here for ILL form.Loansome Doc capabilities can be made for PCOM faculty and alumni upon request. PCOM ILL services are available to other libraries or users for an $11 fee per item. Delivery is through e-mail or fax, and payment can be made through the EFTS payment mechanism. Requests may be made by email, fax or DOCLINE (CAUJKV). FAX and RUSH services are available for an additional $5.00 fee. To view the PCOM holdings list, click JOURNALS on the side bar to the left.

  3. New Books will be listed on this page periodically.

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