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H1N1 / Swine Flu Information

We will be following CDC guidelines for treating patients with flu-like symptoms

1. We discourage patients and students with flu-like symptoms from coming to the clinic.

2. Surgical masks are available to clinic patients who present with flu-like symptoms to prevent cross contamination. We may request patients go to a western medical doctor for further advice prior to being treated in the clinic.

3. We provide N95 respirator masks (a more sophisticated mask that may be more likely to prevent the wearer from becoming infected; also known as a higher filtering facepiece respirator) for students and faculty who enter a treatment room in which a patient with flu-like illness is being treated.

4. Hand-washing and the use of Purell (or other hand sanitizer) between patients and as frequently as possible is required. We also encourage all patients to wash their hands with warm water and soap or hand sanitizer frequently.

5. After completion of treatments for patients with flu-like illness, we wipe down treatment tables and other surfaces in the treatment room and change pillow cases.

6. Students, supervisors, and staff who are ill are sent home.