The history of Oriental medicine spans centuries and nations. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has assembled an expert and varied academic team, respected both in the US and abroad, to do justice to this expansive body of knowledge. Faculty members have been selected for their ability to convey both a deep appreciation of traditional Oriental medicine and massage and an understanding of the problems that affect patients in today's modern culture. From acupuncturists and medical doctors to massage therapists and Taoist priests, PCOM's faculty will be an essential and continuing resource during your education and beyond into private practice. PCOM employs nearly 200 faculty members at its three campuses. Because the faculty is our most valuable resource, we hope you visit at least one of our campuses and sit in on some classes to experience their magic firsthand.

Schmidt, Barbara, LAc, MSOM, MSE, BSE

Barbara Schmidt brings a unique, technical background to PCOM. She is the instructor for basic and advanced needle-technique courses and the Introduction to acupuncture-technique course. She is a certified OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer and an American Red Cross first aid/CPR instructor...

Seitz, Gretchen, LAc, Dipl OM, Dipl CH, Dipl Ac, MSTOM

Gretchen E. Seitz, LAc, graduated magna cum laude from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in April, 2002. She is licensed by California State and well as the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in acupuncture, (Dipl Ac); chinese herbology, (Dipl CH...

Sha, Lixin, LAc

Education: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - M.A. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (Graduated 7/1990) Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – M.D. with B.A. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Sheir, Warren, LAc, MTOM

Warren Sheir, MTOM, LAc earned his Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and has been a faculty member there since 2000, teaching Herbology and Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine. He also has a master's in performing arts from the Cleveland...

Shockness, Sharon, EdD, MSN-Ed, RN

Sharon has a Doctor of Education degree from Walden University, as well as a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Mercy College. She specializes in Nursing Education, Medical/Surgical Nursing, and Maternal/Child Nursing.

Shoemaker, Sherry, PhD, RN, LAc

Sherry Shoemaker earned a PhD from the University of San Diego, a Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine San Diego, and a Masters in Executive Nurse Leadership, University of San Diego. Dr. Shoemaker’s dissertation, Onsite Integrative Medicine Clinics:...

Siu, Cynthia, MSTOM, LAc

Cynthia Siu is an NCCAOM diplomate in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and obtained her Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Past experiences of Ms Siu include...

Sol, David, MTS, MAT

David R. Sol is a faculty member and Dean of Asian Holistic Health & Massage at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He is an Illinois licensed massage therapist and has worked in the field of massage & bodywork since 1999. He has specialized in mind-body healing approaches utilizing...

Sommen, Pieter, MS, LAc, LMT

Pieter Sommen graduated at the Swedish Institute in 1990 in massage and in 2000 in acupuncture. He has studied Classical Chinese medicine with Jeffrey Yuen since 1993. He has taught TuiNa and Sinew channels since that time at the Swedish Institute and is teaching the Sinew channels at Pacific since...

Spatuzzi, Michael, LAc

Michael Spatuzzi, LAc is an internationally respected teacher, public speaker and health practitioner. A graduate of the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine in 1982 and the first graduating class of Pacific College of Oriental medicine in 1978, Mr. Spatuzzi has been a popular teacher at a number...

Stanton, Lydia

Lydia Stanton is a licensed clinical social worker with over fifteen years of experience, including a private psychotherapy practice. She has completed professional training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. Lydia started...
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